Lähettäminen verkkokaupoista Venäjälle

Our unique solution with cross-border delivery to all over Russia delivery for E-commerce

Based on the experience of express delivery worldwide, we have developed a solution specifically for your business.


We are represente the Russian Post in Finland. We are opened an international processing center for parcels delivery to Russia on the basis of our own logistics terminal since 2018. 

What does it mean and how it works?

  • Online shop concludes an agreement with a representative of the Russian Post in Finland
  • Pack and collect purchases for the customers in Russia
  • All solded packages are collected on our terminal and preparing for shipment to Russia
  • Delivery to Saint-Petesbug (Russian Post Customs and Sorting center) is just 1 day
  • Flat rates for shipping all over Russia, not depends from Russian region 




We offer simple and easy service for your business: